Cockroaches Treatment

What are they?

Cockroaches are the most common type of pest found in a household. They exist in various sizes and colors, and can easily adapt to warm house environments, where they can live and breed for months. Although most of the species of cockroaches crawl rapidly to seek refuge from intruders, some can even fly to short distances. These gruesome creatures cause disgust and may freak out people by being present in a large number.

Where are they found?

Due to their flattened body shape, they can easily survive in narrow gaps within or between furniture, causing severe infestation. They can effortlessly find way in to a home through sewerage pipes, drainage or through cracks and gaps, resulting in kitchens and bathrooms to be a common breeding ground. They reproduce rapidly, laying eggs in nooks and corners of the house, preferably in warm areas.

What are the health risks associated with them?

Cockroaches are considered to be extremely unhygienic and can pose serious health issues in human beings and pets. They carry harmful microbes on the surface of their bodies which can be dangerous to humans causing allergic reactions such as asthma. They are found to be a major cause of intestinal diseases leading to food poisoning, by contaminating food and water supplies.

How can they be treated?

Cockroach infestations are very difficult to treat and therefore require professional help. Cockroaches can survive on very limited resources, and can live without water and food for up to 3 months, which makes it a challenging task to completely eliminate them. Al Saqr Pest Control offers guaranteed pest control services to eradicate cockroaches completely in the safest way to provide a clean and protected environment for you and your family. Al Saqr uses the latest technology and equipments, comprising of roach bait (gels) for indoor control and roach sprays for outdoors to prevent the entry of cockroaches into your houses.