General Cleaning

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Al Saqr extends its services to offer cleaning and maintenance of any interior spaces to provide stainless and sparkling clean environment. Our fully equipped and professional staff will ensure that your house is dust-free and completely hygienic to provide your kids with a healthy and safe environment. For residential sectors, we offer cleaning for all kinds of floors and carpets, to make your house shine like never before. An efficient and professional cleaning service makes sure that your house is germ-free, squeaky clean, and tidy to welcome your guests and make it less prone to unwanted guests (pests).

Al Saqr administers cleaning services for buildings, offices, schools, and all other hospitality and commercial sectors. We are committed to provide exceptional cleaning and maintenance services to contribute to a clean, fresh and well kept work environment, which not only helps to promote a positive attitude in the workforce, but also impresses clientele by exhibiting an unblemished workplace.