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Our pest control services target all kinds of pests- flying or crawling insects, rodents, bed bugs and termites. Our specialized commercial and residential pest control solutions guarantee to get rid of any pest problems you may be facing A surrounding with pests is not only unpleasant to the eye, but a continuous botheration to the mind. Bugs can be troublesome, embarrassing and unhygienic for kid and adults alike. If any affected area is not treated properly, pests can be back and reproduce to form homes in your household.

We offer customized pest control plans to suit your needs and requirements, for commercial and residential areas. Breeding pests in commercial sectors can lead to multitude problems, if left untreated. Work can be disrupted due to the distraction caused by any kinds of insects, and can cause frustration to the employees and clients. It can cause a bad reputation of the workplace, and leave clients disappointed in the work environment, which can lead to loosing clients. Al Saqr can help you eradicate the tiniest of bugs within any work environment, to protect your surroundings and business.