Rodent Control

What are they?

Rodents are warm-blooded mammals with oversized front teeth, used to gnaw wood, bite, and break into food. Rats, mice, squirrel and hamsters are examples of rodents. Rodents eat seeds and plants and can eat other food stored by people. Rodents are considered to be unhygienic and can spread diseases. They reproduce rapidly and hence can be very bothersome if they find their way into a residential or commercial area.

Where are they found?

Rodents adapt quickly to new environments, and can find their way into households through gaps and holes. Due to its body plan, a rodent can squeeze through a hole, which appears too small for them. They can build their nests with shredded paper, dried plants, and other such materials. They are rapid breeders, and breed all year round to maintain population through continuous reproduction.

What are the health risks associated with them?

Because of their sharp incisors they tend to chew on things, which indicate that they can cause a great deal of damage around the house by chewing on furnishings. Rodent droppings can be messy, and may contribute to an unhygienic environment; therefore it is important to eliminate them effectively. Rodents have to be treated as soon as possible as they may contaminate your food or water supplies. Many species of rodents feed on seeds and grains, spoiling eatables within a house.

How can they be treated?

Rat and mice traps can be used to get hold of a single rodent entry into a house or office, but an infestation should be treated professionally to get rid of them completely and efficiently. Our qualified technicians can assist you to eradicate rodents with their professional approach. Our qualified staff is well equipped with the latest equipment providing guaranteed results.